Dayton Digital Media, Inc. was founded in 1995 by Joseph C. Lutz. He serves as the President of DDM to this day. Mr. Lutz' roots run deep into technology, graphic arts and corporate quality. During his tenure as a Professor of Engineering at a local college Mr. Lutz developed his acumen for technical training and multimedia programming. He served as Faculty Consultant to The Center for Interactive Learning in 1994-95. During his years working in industry Mr. Lutz designed, built and operated chemical plants and spearheaded NASA/DOE research projects.  During the late 1970's, he was a photographer and worked in the Los Angeles film industry. More recently, Mr. Lutz was one of the few people on earth to be simultaneously certified by the American Society for Quality as a Quality Engineer, Reliability Engineer and Quality Auditor.  Mr. Lutz holds a graduate degree in economics as well as degrees in engineering and liberal arts. With Mr. Lutz at the helm, you can be assured that DDM will help your firm reliably communicate your corporate message with great fidelity, whenever and wherever it must be heard.

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