The Challenge- A multinational corporation sells a hardware/software technology for processing checks at small and mid-sized banks. The corporation sells this technology through a network of channel partners. They must train this external sales force as well as internal support personnel. The sales people and support staff are located all over the globe.  The cost of training is exorbitant due to transportation and labor costs.

The Solution- DDM developed a CD-ROM based training program that allowed the users to learn about this technology three ways. First, the components of the technology were presented in relationship to each other so the user could build a context of how the different components related to each other. Second, the technology was presented in case studies so the user could learn how the technology was applied in several real life situations.  Finally, detailed product information was stored in a user-friendly database that allowed the user to compare individual products to each other, as well as compare them to products from competing companies.

The Results- The company was able to develop one training program to serve both internal and external personnel. Initially, the project was intended to serve internal employees only but the company was so pleased with the results that it contracted with DDM to modify the program for external sales people. Password protection excluded external personnel from accessing confidential information.